I am grateful to the patrons and friends who made my 2014 Solo a success. Through your support, $35,000 was raised for Old Westbury Gardens.

This world renowned research laboratory has been the home to 8 Nobel Laureates including Dr. James D. Watson, Co- Discoverer (with Dr. Francis Crick) of the DNA Double Helix.

In 2003 the artist painted a portrait of Dr. Watson in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of that historic scientific breakthrough. Through the friendship that ensued , the artist became deeply involved in fund-raising activities for research there and is honored to serve on the Board of Directors of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Association.

The porch at Westbury House during my Solo, featuring left to right "Twilight moon, West Harbor", 40 x 50, "Morning, Homage to Grieg", 36 x 48, "Bayside", 40 x 50,"50 Shades of Green", 40 x 50