Peikon Gallery

In conjunction with the Art League of Long Island, I am pleased to announce the creation of the Peikon On- Line Gallery/ Art League of Long Island.

This gallery is designed to provide clients with the convenience of on-line viewing( including pricing), with the added benefit of a brick and mortar Gallery space and 7 day a week staff to assist you.

Paintings can be viewed on -line, or by appointment at the Gallery, located in Dix Hills ,NY, in your home or office, or at the artist's studio. All sales of work shown in this gallery are through the Art League of Long Island, and help to fund the ongoing mission of this wonderful and vibrant school and gallery space.

To schedule viewing of the painting/s of your choice, please contact us at (631)462-5400.

Till the Cows Come Home, 40 x 50, oil on linen, $20,000

As the Mist Burns Off, 12 x 24, $4,500

Morning Mist- 40 x 50, $20,000

Sunrise, The Morning After, 12 x 24 , $4,500

Afternoon on the River, 21 x 28, $7,500

Breaking Light, Storm Clouds, 12 x 24, $4,500

7PM, As the Tide Rolls In, 30 x 40, $12,500

Walkin on a Country Road, 40 x 60, $22,000