Selected Works Gallery

This Selected Works Gallery will present groups of paintings as I envisioned them to be shown.

Throughout my career I have created many series of paintings, in multiple genres. Some series are created over a short time span, some have been on -going for two decades now. These grouping are intended to provide the viewer with a better understanding of my creative process~

Till the Cows Come Home, 40 x 50, oil on linen, $20,000

As the Mist Burns Off, 12 x 24, $4,500

Morning Mist- 40 x 50, $20,000

Sunrise, The Morning After, 12 x 24 , $4,500

Afternoon on the River, 21 x 28, $7,500

Breaking Light, Storm Clouds, 12 x 24, $4,500

7PM, As the Tide Rolls In, 30 x 40, $12,500

Walkin on a Country Road, 40 x 60, $22,000