City: Bethesda
City: Someone to Watch Over Me
City: Night Watch
City: Prospect
City: Watching the World Go By
City: Backseat Driver
City: Off the Beaten Path
Trees: 7.P.M., Suburbia
Trees: Summer Wind
Trees: Storm at Moonrise
Trees: We Didn't Start the Fire
Trees: Uphill Climb
Trees: Homage to Cajal and Kandel
Trees: Homage to Grieg
Farms and Fields: Till the Cows Come Home
Farms and Fields: As the Mist Burns Off
On Miles River Road
Barnyard Sunrise
Last Light, Country Road
Edge of a Field
Morning Mist
Daybreak in the Barnyard
Janelia Barns
Last Stand
First Winter in New England
Beach Club Sunset
Beach Path
Afternoon on the River
Morning in a Kayak
Cold Spring Harbor, After the Storm
Koi and Waterlilies
On the Dock of the Bay
Evening on the Marsh
Break in the Clouds
Dressing Ship
Roosevelt's Jetty
Out of the Office Today
Sept View of the Harbor
Winter on the Dunes, Fences
River Study
Peconic in Fall
Zach's Sunset
Fallen Willow
Down by the Sea
Purple Rain
Lab Beach
Night Table
A Good Book
Summer Wagon
Balance of Power
I Get Knocked Down
Fresh Cut
Meixcan Lilies