Teaching Schedule

My classes at the Art League of L.I. are Thursdays 10am-1pm, 1:30pm-4:30pm and Saturdays 10am- 1pm.
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I teach Portrait Painting( from Life) and plein air and studio landscape painting, using a direct painting approach. Direct painting eliminates the highly evolved preparatory drawings of the more classic academic approach, and forces the artist to adapt to the work as it progresses. The emphasis is on learning to critically analyze the visual information of our 3D world so as to believably recreate it on a 2 dimensional canvas.

"Old Barns, Rte 9 Toward Hudson", 24 x 48

Initial line drawing done in a burnt sienna/ultramarine paint mixture, some block-in started.

Block-in of barns continued.

Block-in of horizon line

Adding sky and some distant background

Sky completely blocked in

Massing in of foreground darks

Massing in on some foreground lights

More block-ins of foreground foliage

Adjusting color as the block-in moves to the front of the canvas

Fully blocked-in

Adjustments to sky to increase color and movement

Adjustments of foreground darks and lights and addition of details